73: Microfluidic biochip for studying electrotaxis of cells under direct current electric fields

Von Marisa de Sousa Goncalves Rio
TUDpress 2019. Kartoniert. 15,6 x 22,5cm.



The use of electrical field stimulation on cells and tissues promises new developments for therapeutic applications in organ regeneration and tissue healing. However, it is desirable to generate freely programmable, non-homogeneous fields, e.g. to simulate the bio-electrical environment near wounds in vitro. This book series from “Dresdner Beiträge zur Sensorik” presents the details in developing and constructing a novel microfluidic system for cellular stimulation with such stationary, inhomogeneous electric fields. Furthermore, biological experiments with mouse cells were conducted as a proof of concept, hence demonstrating the suitability of the device for electrotaxis applications.


ISBN: 978-3-95908-167-2

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