083: HSCR 2017

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on the History of Speech Communication Research Helsinki, August 18-19, 2017

Herausgegeben von Martti Vainio, Juraj Šimko und Reijo Aulanko

Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation 83


TUDpress 2018. Kartoniert, ca. 24 x 17 cm, 99 S.


The international workshop on the “History Speech Communication Research” is organised by the Special Interest Group (SIG) on “The History of Speech Communication Sciences”. This SIG is supported by the International Phonetic Association (IPA) and the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). The workshop offers an exchange forum for researchers with work on all kind of historical aspects of the research fields represented at the Interspeech conferences and the Congresses of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS). This volume includes the proceedings of the second workshop of this series, held in Helsinki. This volume contains several important contributions addressing the evolution of speech sciences, notably experimental tools and methods. It includes studies of Kempelen’s legendary “articulatory synthesizer” and other physical and computational models of speech production, development of the source-filter model of speech production as well as other important methodological advances essential to the field such as spectrography, notations and recording techniques. It counts 10 contributions written by 14 international authors.


ISBN: 978-3-95908-097-2

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