079: HSCR 2015

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on the History of Speech Communication Research Dresden, September 4-5, 2015

Herausgegeben von Rüdiger Hoffmann und Jürgen Trouvain

Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation , 79


TUDpress 2015. Kartoniert, ca. 24 x 17 cm, 168 S.


(Deutsch) The international workshop on the “History Speech Communication Research” is organised by the Special Interest Group (SIG) on “The History of Speech Communication Sciences”. This SIG is supported by the International Phonetic Association (IPA) and the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). The workshop offers an exchange forum for researchers with work on all kind of historical aspects of the research fields represented at the Interspeech conferences and the Congresses of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS). This volume includes the proceedings of the first workshop of this series, held in Dresden as a satellite event of Interspeech 2015. The re-opening of the historical acoustic-phonetic collection (HAPS) in new rooms was part of the workshop. With the Barkhausen building on the first day of the workshop and the technical collections of the city of Dresden in the historical Ernemann building on day two of the workshop, the meeting had appropriate locations. The proceedings volume contains 18 contributions, including the general presentations of the opening session as well as the papers from the dedicated sessions on “mechanical speech synthesis”, “collections”, and “pioneering work in phonetics”. The papers are written from 23 authors, coming from nine countries.

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