Can Sustainable Practices of Firms be an Effective Interface between Non-Compliant and Innovation Phase?

The Porter Hypothesis Revisited

Von Rhama Parthasarathy


TUDpress 2011. Kartoniert, ca. 21 x 14.8 cm, XIV, 154 S.


Concern over future availability of depleting resources has been the topic of discussion since a few decades. The policy measures of the governments have also been analysed in depth around the globe. The present study scrutinises the so called Porter Hypothesis with the help of an environmental computer simulation model. The findings reveal that in the long-run the cost of compliance of regulation may not, necessarily, harm firms. While implementing taxes on resource usage does not only increase the competitiveness of the firms but it helps to have a cleaner natural environment system. The most interesting aspect of the research work is ‘Sustainable Practices’ of firms help them to stay in the market during technology adoption of firms.

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ISBN: 978-3-942710-21-3

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